Salmon Fishing Open Today on the Fraser River

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Finally, the Fraser River is Now Open to Salmon Fishing, see below for retention limits and species.

Salmon Fishing on the Fraser will open today, see below for details. Notice will be out shortly.

The recreational fishery for salmon in the non-tidal waters of the Fraser River will open with the management measures noted below.

Waters: Fraser River in Region 2 from the downstream side of the CPR
Bridge at Mission, BC to the Highway 1 Bridge at Hope, BC.

Management Measures:

Effective September 13, 2017 until October 9, 2017:

– The daily limit for chinook salmon is four (4) with only one (1) greater than 62 cm.
– The daily limit for chum salmon is two (2).
– No fishing for sockeye salmon.
– You may not retain pink or coho salmon.
– You may not use bait when fishing for salmon.

Effective October 10, 2017 until December 31, 2017:

– The daily limit for chinook salmon is four (4) with only one (1) greater than 62 cm.
– The daily limit for chum salmon is two (2).
– The daily limit for coho salmon is two (2) hatchery marked fish only. You may not retain wild coho.
– You may not retain pink or sockeye salmon.

Waters: The Fraser River in Region 2 from the Highway 1 Bridge at Hope, BC to the confluence with Sawmill Creek.

Management Measures:

Effective September 13, 2017 until October 14, 2017:

– The daily limit for chinook salmon is four (4) with only one (1) greater than 62 cm.
– You may not fish for sockeye salmon.
– You may not retain chum, pink, or coho salmon.
– You may not use bait when fishing for salmon.

Effective October 15, 2017 until December 31, 2017:

– The daily limit for chinook salmon is four (4) with only one (1) greater than 62 cm.
– You may not retain chum, sockeye, pink, or coho salmon.

Waters: The Fraser River in Region 2 upstream of the confluence with Sawmill Creek.

Management Measures: You may not fish for salmon.

Reminder: In Region 2, fishing for salmon is only permitted from one hour before sunrise to one after sunset each day.


Sept 11 fishing report update

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Fishing for sturgeon has been very good the past few weeks, catch rates were average with 5 to 10 fish being caught per trip but size of sturgeon was well above average.

STS Guide John Popowich and guests of Taiga Building landed a 10ft 4 inch sturgeon on Sept 10 which measured a 56inch girth, what a monster. Congratulations to everyone on landing this amazing fish.

Thomas, Doug, Chris, Matt, and Tom have also been landing some nice fish on a daily basis, most of these bigger fish are being caught in a bout a 10 mile stretch of river between Sumas confluence and Stave River confluence but there are some beauties also being caught above Chilliwack in the Harrison Agassiz area.

Salmon fishing is still not open on the Fraser River but we are able to target salmon on the Somas/Vedder River and Harrison River. We are optimistic that the Fraser will open soon but until then, we will continue to fish the Vedder/Somas and Harrison Rivers for salmon. We also offer salmon fishing out of Vancouver so there is options.

For anglers wanting to target Pink Salmon on the fly or light spin tackle, there are opportunities in the valley, Pink salmon are entering most tributary rivers so you might need to do a little walk and wading.

Pink lures such as Gibbs/Delta Crocs work well for light spin tackle or for the fly angler try a rolled muddler or any fly that is Pink or has some flash. Pink salmon are aggressive, the trick is to present your offers very slow and in their face.

Some of our best fishing is still ahead of us, October is one of the best months for for salmon and sturgeon and a great time to fish the Fraser River and tributary rivers. We offer day trips and multi-day packages. Check out our day rates at and packages at

If your looking for a unique fishing adventure, STS Guide Vic Carrao offers a trip like no other guide service can offer. Vic’s 30 years of driving experience takes you deep into the Fraser Canyon where you will run some of the Frasers biggest and baddest rapids, view some amazing scenery and catch a few sturgeon while enjoying a barbeque shore lunch. We still have a few dates available in last week of September and a few dates in October.

Hope you all have a great week, give us a call at 604-671-3474 or emails us at sts to book your next guided adventure.

August 20 Fishing Report Update

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Fishing this past week has been excellent, we have been targeting sturgeon on the Fraser, Chinook Salmon out in the ocean and even had a few trips for trout. You have to work for your fish but if you put in your time, there are some really nice fish out there. See below for detailed report

As you can see by the above picture, there are some monster sturgeon out there to be caught. Best bait right now is salmon parts but the standard lamrey, pike minnow and eggs are always a good choice.

Sturgeon fishing has been steady action in the Mission area, a bit slower up river but some big fish around if your not looking for numbers and put in your time. After all sturgeon fishing is not about how many fish you can out in the boat, it’s about fidning that one or two quality fish.

Speaking of quality fishing, October is creeping up on us quickly, this is the best time to fish sturgeon and salmon on the Fraser river, you can come out for the day or pick one of our valued accommodations packages. Our BW packages start as low as $345 per person for a 2 night 1 day, you can find more information by visiting.

Salmon fishing out of Vancouver has been good this past week, Thomas was out for a full day trip on Tuesday and put 6 nice Chinook in the boat and released a few wild Coho. There are a few pink salmon starting to show up bu the bulk of them are still migrating along the coast and are about a week away. Our west coast lodge packages are wrapped up for 2017 but we are already selling and booking for 2018 which should be one of the best years ion the 4 year cycle.

Over the next 90 days we will have our best fishing of the year for both salmon and sturgeon, we have plenty of great dates still available for fishing out of Mission, Chilliwack or Harrison and a few limited dates for the canyon. Come out and join us, call Vic at 604-671-3474 or email us at sts

Have a great week.

Vic Carrao

STS Guiding Service


August 4 Fishing Update

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This past week we have seen some great fishing on the Fraser, Vancouver ocean and West Coast Vancouver Island. The Pink Salmon are starting to show up in Vancouver harbour and Howe Sound and by the looks of our sturgeon catches, the big monster fish are staging getting ready for the big feast on salmon.

Fraser River Sturgeon fishing has been excellent this past week, lots of big fish around including several over 9ft and a few over 8ft. Good numbers of smaller fish as well so the action has been steady. One of the best months for sturgeon is October, we still have some great dates available. Weekend packages are very affordable starting at $575 pp for a 2 night 2 day with hotel, breakfast lunch and full days of fishing. Day trips start as low as $125 pp so good time to book your October sturgeon trip.

Vancouver salmon fishing has been spotty but the last few days have really picked up with some Pink Salmon moving into the Harbour. Over the next week or so we should see more Coho move in and those Fraser Chinook should be showing up anytime. The sockeye run has been slow to arrive but lets keep our fingers crossed that they show up as Alaska is having a record year.

If your not a big fan of trolling out in the ocean, try casting Gibbs Delta spoons for Pink Salmon, you can do this from a boat or from shore in places like Furry Creek or Ambelside park. The trick is to retrieve slow and set that hook when you feel the lure stop. Once of the best lures is the Gibbs Croc in pink or chartruse.

West Coast fishing has been excellent, lots of Chinook around as well as Halibut and ling cod. We will be wrapping up our west coast operation over the next few weeks then focuising 100% on the Fraser River. If you are wanting to get out next season, this is a great time to book your 2018 west coast adventure.

Hope you all have a great long weekend.

Best Regards

Vic Carrao


Fishing Report Update for July 28

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This past week has been good out on the water, we have had charters out Vancouver Harbour fishing for salmon, West Coast fishing for Salmon and Halibut and Fraser River fishing for sturgeon. Looks like some great weather for the weekend so if you are wanting to get out, we still have a few boats available for salmon, sturgeon or fly fishing for trout.

Our very own Frank Kozel getting out on the west coast to experience the amazing fishing we offer out of Quatsino Sound.

Local salmon fishing has been slow out of Vancouver area but a bit stronger over in the Gulf Islands. If the weather and wind permits, we strongly suggest spending the extra time/money to do the 10 hour Gulf Island adventure. Some nice Chinook being caught over there with much higher chances at a great day on the water.

Happy Anniversary to Radine and Thomas Rutschmann, Thomas and Radine have been part of the STS family for 19 years, we wish them many many more.

Fraser Sturgeon Fishing has been good, the guys are working hard out there and producing some great results. Best baits have been salmon, roe and pike minnow. I’m sure there are other baits that are working as well but these seems to be the most consistent. Our guides have been working the water between Hope and Mission producing good results throughout the river. It is hard to believe we are almost into August, seems like summer is just getting started and we are now excited about the Fall.

STS Guide Matt Bentley was out tearing it up this week, some great fish caught with his group of clients visiting from out of town.

There is no better time to enjoy a day on the river than in the summer when it is hot and sunny, believe me we have our fair share of rainy days so when weather is like this, it’s a great time to get out and enjoy the Fraser River.

Local Salmon runs that are in migration to the Fraser are having a slow start, according to Albion test fishery and DFO in season forcasts the sockeye migration has been slow as well as the 4.2 and 5.2 spring and summer Chinook. What does this mean for local anglers, well it means it unlikely that you will be fishing the Fraser for salmon until atleast middle to late August. Having said that, there are still local salmon fishing opportunities in the Vancouver and Howe Sound area and of course our local rivers such as Vedder, Chehalis, Stave etc.

We still have about two weeks left if your wanting to try your luck on the Upper Pitt River, the fishing really dies off after August 15 so if you are looking for a great fly or light spin tackle trip into a remote area, this is a great trip. Currently we are catching Bull Trout, Sockeye and the odd Chinook, this river is all catch and release.

Hope you have a great weekend,

Vic Carrao

STS Guiding Service


Hells Gate August Cancellations

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We have had two cancellation for August.

Hells Gate Jet Boat Tour

August 27, 2017

This is our 4 hour Hope to Hells Gate Jet Boat Trip, traveling 132km up the Fraser Canyon.

Cost is $139.00 per person, trip departs at 9am

Bottled Water, soda pop and snacks are included.

Fraser Canyon Adventure

Sunday August 20 –This is our last available day in the canyon on a weekend for 2017 summer season.

Fraser Canyon Adventure – Full day in the Canyon that includes: 132km round trip to Hells Gate, Sturgeon fishing, barbeque lunch & whitewater jet boating some of the largest rapids on the Fraser River. This is a full 8 hour day of fun and adventure.

Cost $275.00 per person.

To book please call 604-671-3474 or e-mail us at

Vic Carrao

STS Guiding Service


Local 1-604-671-3474

Toll free- 1-855-223-5453

July 19 Fishing Report update

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Vic Carrao of STS Guiding has been providing fishing report updates for this website and many others for the better part of 23 years. Vic has been away on an Adventure of a lifetime motorcycling around North America visiting 24 States, 8 Provinces riding 24,365 Km in 65 days. Vic has returned this past week and will be back on the key board writing reports, answering your questions and helping with bookings and trip planning. If you have any questions for Vic , would like to book a trip or just chat about the upcoming salmon and sturgeon season, please feel free to call or E-mail Vic at 604-671-3474 or email at sts.

Vic’s Report is posted below.

Good to be back home after 65 days on the road, I think I have arrived back just in time for some great fishing as the water conditions throughout the Fraser and local rivers look perfect. Looking at the salmon runs as they enter the Fraser things are starting off a bit slow but numbers of fish past the Albion Test Fishery are improving daily. Local rivers like the Vedder are getting some early Chinook and Cultas Lake Sockeye but just keep in mind the sockeye are all catch and release.

I know many people think sockeye don’t bite but they actually do in clear water so if your just after action, try fishing shrimp or even roe bags under a float and you might just be surprised how good the fishing is. We like to cure our shrimp or krill with double hot red pro cure. You don’t need to cure it long, just put a dozen or so shrimp or krill in a zip lock baggy, then add some pro cure and shake. I prefer to do this early morning before I head out the door, by the time you get to the river, it’s ready to use. This method works great on clear rivers like the Vedder and Harrison Rivers.

Talking with our guides, sturgeon fishing has been improving with some nice fish being caught this past week. Most of the fish are being caught using salmon bellies or Pike Minnows. Fish are being caught in all parts of the river so it’s great to see the mid July fishery already picking up. The spawn area closure is not in effect as of now so you are free to fish the entire river for sturgeon. We have some of the most experienced and best trained guides on the water so if you looking for a guided trip for salmon, sturgeon or trout, feel free to call us.

Thomas was up on the Pitt River yesterday doing a trip and reports that fishing was a bit slow and the river has changed drastically since he was last up. If your planning on going up just be carefull as things can go bad very quickly in that type of water. If your wanting to experience a Pitt River Adventure, now through to August 15th is good for Bull Trout, Sockeye and the occasional Chinook by catch. All fish are released unharmed and fly fishing is the preferred method.

Long time STS Guide Doug Elias reports good sturgeon fishing on the lower Fraser, Doug landed some big sturgeon this past month, some of the jumpers shots he managed to get were spectacular. Doug has been guiding with STS for 11 seasons now and can find the fish day after day. Doug is also a fly fishing guide so if your looking to tackle those Pink Salmon on the fly, Doug would be a great guide choice.

Tony has just returned from a week of fishing up at our Saltwater Lodge in Quatsino Sound. The fishing for salmon, cod and snapper has been excellent, the Hali fishing was a bit slower this week but we are still getting them. Thomas will be heading back up to guide a few trips next week and I will also be heading up to take advantage of this great fishery.

Now that I am back I will be posting regular reports and also running my twin engine boat up in the Canyon, if your looking for a canyon adventure, I still have a few weekday available in August and September. We also haveseats available for our Hope to Hells Gate Jet Boat Tour for August 20 and August 27, book now to get your seat, cost is $139 per person.

Hope you have a great week on the water and good fishing.

STS Guiding Service


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